"The Secrets of the Atomic Nucleus"
Les secrets du noyau atomique

Abstract Book

click to download full size posterThe European Summer Campus, formerly called European Summer University, at the University of Strasbourg (UdS) is a prestigious and highly sponsored one week meeting of students from all over Europe. They assist lectures on some of the most recent research topics in physics presented by internationally known scientists. An important part of the programme consists in exploring the cultural and political heritage of the region of Alsace and Strasbourg, where the European Parliament and the Council of Europe are located.

The eighth “European Summer University” in 2009 is organised by the Physics Department of the University of Strasbourg on the subject of “The Secrets of the Atomic Nucleus”, which will address the most recent developments in modern nuclear physics and its impact on our society via nuclear energy, natural radioactivity and the powerful tools of nuclear medicine.


The idea of the 2009 European Summer University is to offer to the students an enthusiastic and pedagogical introduction to the most recent research subjects. The lectures will be given by researchers recognized internationally in their field.

Scientific Programme

The scientific programme will consist of 12 main lectures of 2 x 45 minutes each and three student workshops organised at the IPHC (Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien), one of the major research laboratories on the campus Cronenbourg.

Targeted Audience

The lectures are appropriate for students in physics having successfully completed three years of university studies.

Housing and Transportation

Accommodation for students will be provided free of charge. Within the limits of our budget we can cover an important fraction of the travel expenses.