Presentation of the European Summer Campus

The European Summer Campus of the Université de Strasbourg (UdS) is a prestigious and highly sponsored one-week meeting of students from all over Europe. They attend lectures on some of the most recent research topics in physics presented by internationally known scientists. An important part of the programme consists in exploring the cultural and political heritage of the region of Alsace and Strasbourg, where the European Parliament and the Council of Europe are located.

In 2000 European Summer Universities were created by the French Minister of Education to develop the pan-European University space for undergraduate students and university staff. Mobility, not only of scientists but also of students, plays an increasingly important role in research, industry and the academic domain. Since 2009 this programme is called "European Summer Campus" (Campus Européen d'Eté).

We had extremely encouraging experiences during the last years (2002-2010) with Summer Universities focussed on the problems of our energy resources, an introduction to Nanoscience, Modern Optics, Quantum Mechanics, Astroparticle and Particle Physics, the Physics of Living Matter, Physics Probes, the Secrets of Nuclear Physics and Metamaterials. The European Summer Campus 2011 is organised by the Physics Department of the Université de Strasbourg (UdS), supported by the Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (IPHC-CNRS) in collaboration with Astronomoical Observatory and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and participation of the University of Freiburg. The Campus will address the most recent developments in this important domain of fundamental physics.


The participants of the Summer Campus are expected to have at least 3 successfully completed years of physics universities studies but should in general not yet have started with their PhD thesis. Only a very limited number of students in the first year of their thesis will be admitted. Students are expected to follow actively all lectures and to seek frequent discussions with the lecturers. Sufficient knowledge in English to follow the lectures and to communicate with the lecturers and other students is mandatory.

Students, interested in participating at the European Summer Campus are asked to complete the on-line application form, before June 5th. A letter of recommendation by a senior faculty member is required which should follow the structure of the template provided on our web page and be mailed directly to the Conference Secretary.

Students who do require an entrance visa to France (see below) should apply before May 15th in order to respect the delays of the visa procedure.

Due to the limited number of places available, applications will be selected on the basis of the letters of recommendation and also by the attempt to reach a balanced distribution of universities and countries. Early applications will be favoured and some students might be admitted already before the closing date.

Admitted candidates will be notified no later than June 10th.

Place and Time

The European Summer Campus will take place at the Physics and Engineering Department of the University of Strasbourg very close to the city-centre.
Tuesday, July 5th is reserved for arrival and registration.

The official language of the Summer Campus sessions will be English. Participants are expected to be able to communicate fluently in this language.


Accommodations for participant students will be provided free of charge. Students will be housed in single rooms in the University residence of Strasbourg, close to the faculty.


Within the tight limitations of our budget we can help individual students with their travel expenses. We hope to be able to contribute in the order of 20-50 % of the cost of a second-class return trip by train or coach or an economy flight if necessary. Certain upper limits are however in place for each country. Please ask also you University to contribute.


No entrance-visa is required to enter France for citizens of most European countries. Please verify yourself sufficiently in advance, if a visa is necessary for you and inform yourself about the duration necessary to obtain one. Do apply before May 15th and inform the organisers early enough, if there might be a time problem to obtain a visa.

All participants will receive an official invitation letter by the organizers.

How to get to Strasbourg

Useful information about Strasbourg and on how to get there can be found at