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Poster - European Summer Campus The European Summer Campus of the Université de Strasbourg (UdS) is a prestigious one-week meeting of students from all over Europe. They attend lectures on some of the most recent research topics in physics presented by internationally known scientists. The Summer Campus 2013 is at the same time a French-German Summer School funded by the université franco-allemande (UFA) underlining the close collaboration between the Universities and Research Institutions in the region of Alsace. An important part of the programme consists in exploring the cultural and political heritage of the region of Alsace and Strasbourg, where the European Parliament and the Council of Europe are located.

The European Summer Campus 2013 is organised by the Physics Department of the University supported by several research institutes (IPCMS, ICS, ISIS and IPHC) in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institut for Solar Energy systems (ISE) in Freiburg.

The goal of the school is to present to the participating students a very general view of the role of energy, not only in the context of energy resources, production and the related environmental problems but also in a different domains of physics, from high energy particle and astrophysics and cosmology to energetics at the scale of nanometres and biological systems.

Now open for applications until June 1st, 2010

Motivation for students

The idea of the European Summer Campus is to offer to the students an enthusiastic and pedagogical introduction to the most recent research subjects. Researchers recognized internationally in their field will give the lectures.

Scientific Programme

The scientific programme will consist of about 15 main lectures of 2x 45 minutes each, Several visits to Laboratories and research installations around Strasbourg, workshops some round table discussions and a poster session prepared and entertained by the students.

The lectures will start on Monday morning, the 26th of August and will end on Thursday, the 5th of September at 4PM.

Validation of the Summer Campus

Since 2010 we include a validation in the programme of the Summer Campus to help students to obtain ECTS points at their university from their participation at the Summer Campus. The validation is also part of the integration of the Summer Campus into the UdS Master teaching programme. For 2013 the contribution to the Poster session is acknowledged on the certificate of participation and we plan to use the student’s participation in the working groups as an indicator to validate the Summer Campus.

Targeted Audience

The lectures are appropriate for students in physics having successfully completed at least three years of university studies.

Housing and Transportation

Accommodation and most meals for students will be provided free of charge. Within the limits of our budget we can support students individually by covering a part of their travel expenses.

Participating Institutions

List of participating Institutions supporting the European Summer Campus 2013.